Stay at Home Festival Tee - Unisex

This two-sided black tee has a subtle message on how to play it cool and safe during the pandemic by encourage folks to tune into a streaming performance by ones favorite band, making sure to put on this concert-themed tee and enjoying the music.

On the front of the tee on left breast is the Hard Rock logo in white with 'Stay at Home Festival' below in white letters.

On the back of the tee is a square with the words, Stay at Home Festival 2020 in black and white letters at the top of the square. The Hard Rock logo sits below these words in black. To the right of the logo is a section with the following words atop a dark red background written on five lines with a white guitar pick at the top:

1 - 'Featuring' 

2 - 'The Indoors'

3 - 'Flu Fighters'

4 - 'Pearl Germ'

5 - 'No Kids on the Block'

The t-shirt has no location. 

Tshirt comes in sizes: S, M, L, XL, and XXL

Distribution Method: Retail and online

Original Retail Price: $27.50 USD