Flag Guitar Bottle Opener Magnet #1

Flag Guitar bottle opener magnet in the shape of a guitar; Hard Rock Cafe logo is located on the neck of the guitar in burgundy letters with an orange logo and location is written in white letters atop a black banner; and, measures 10cm H x 4.3cm W.

The flag of Mississippi, often referred to as the Mississippi flag, is the state flag of the U.S. state of Mississippi. It consists of three equal horizontal tribands of blue, white, and red, with a red square in the canton bearing a blue cross, bordered with white and emblazoned with thirteen small, white, five-pointed stars. The 13 stars on the flag correspond to the original number of the states of the Union. The current design was adopted in 1894.

Base material: Silver Appearance

Style: Painted with Clear Epoxy

Distribution method: Retail