First Responders

The nation's First Responders cannot get enough praise for all they have done and continue to do during this notorious virus. We at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino of Atlantic City is happy to announce the release of this pin which honors them. The state of New Jersey in yellow sits on top of a dark gray circle outlined in black. "First Responders" is written in silver across North New Jersey. Across the middle of the state, going from left to right, is the Logo for EMT's, the Police logo (with 911 on the bottom of it), & the Firmen's logo. You will find the standard HRH Logo over South Jersey. On the back of the pin is the textbox which states that this is a Limited Edition of 500.

Base Material: Silver Appearance

Paint Style: Painted

Back Print: 4 Lines

Back Pattern: Crossed Guitars and Logos

Distribution Method: Retail

Release Date: November 11, 2020

Original Retail Price: $14.00 USD