Guitar Headstock Bottle Opener Magnet

This guitar headstock-shaped magnet bottle opener features a golf course.  There is a large golf ball in the center of the magnet with a red guitar on the left and a yellow guitar on the right.  There are two golf clubs below the green grass, slightly in the water.  The blue water makes up the bottom half of the magnet and there are two fish - the back of a two tone blue fish with a yellow tail can be seen swimming through the bottom left peg and the head of another yellow and blue fish is swimming through the bottom right peg.  There are blue silhouettes of palm trees at the top behind the guitars with a blue sky with two puffy white clouds.  In the middle of the magnet above the opener is Rock Your Game on two lines with a black guitar next to the word Rock.  At the top of the magnet is written in black letters Hard Rock Golf Club Punta Cana on three lines.

Base material is gold appearance.