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6th Anniversary Royal Barge 3-Piece Set

This 3-piece Bangkok Anniversary set celebrates Bangkok’s 6th Anniversary and features three different Royal Barges in three different colors (red, green, and purple). The set came in a black rectangular box with a plastic covering and was sold as a set and individually. Each has the Hard Rock logo in yellow with red lettering below the barge and ‘6th Anniversary 97’ on the neck in white lettering.

The history of the Royal Barges dates to the Sukhothai era in the 13th century when the first royal barges were reportedly seen. The Royal Barges are one of Bangkok's most fascinating sights. Housed in sheds in The Royal Barge National Museum on Bangkok Noi Canal on the Thonburi side of the Chao Phraya River, they provide a fascinating insight into Thai history and culture. These are not barges in the sense of vessels employed to carry cargo up and down the river but are ornately decorated boats with magnificently carved prows that at one time served a military function, but today are limited to use in State ceremonies and celebrations.

The pins measure as follows:

Box Set – 15.5cm wide x 6.0cm high

Red – 6.3cm wide x 3.0cm high

Green – 6.3cm wide x 4.0 high

Purple – 6.6cm wide x 2.9cm high

Base Material: Gold Appearance

Style: Painted

Back pattern: Pebble Back

Distribution method: Retail

For the individual Anniversary pins see:

Red Royal Barge – #54232

Green Royal Barge – #54230

Purple Royal Barge - #54231


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