7th Anniversary

2 Variants

The Hard Rock Cafe Dubai 7th Anniversary Pin is a Bronze based metal, its shape made to resemble the front facade of the HRC Dubai. There are 2 criss-crossed guitars, one red & one black positioned in front of the Cafe facade. Rising above the guitars is a raging yellow & orange flame with '7th' centered inside those flames to signify the Cafe's 7th Anniversary, the number ‘7’ is colored in the colors that can be found on the Flag of the UAE. The year '2019' is written to the right of the black guitar - the HRC Logo is placed at the base of the pin, centered between the 2 guitar bodies, the word 'ANNIVERSARY' spelled out in a semi-circle along the top of the logo, the Cafe location 'DUBAI' spelled out in a semicircle along the bottom of the logo.

• LE 300
• Back Pattern - Guitars Drums Logos
• 4 lines
• Painted

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