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The pin is in the shape of, depending on your interpretation, either a large hot air balloon or a guitar pick, made up of small 'party type' balloons in red, orange, blue, yellow and green colours. At the bottom of the large balloon hangs a Hard Rock Cafe logo: yellow centre with burgundy script outlined in gold. The location, just given as "London", is in gold on a black backgound below the yellow logo centre.

The back of the pin is silver in appearance with a design of horizontal and vertical guitars, 1.5 cm long and 5mm wide, crossing at mid fingerboards and intespersed with Hard Rock Cafe logos. A four line text box includes a first line reading "Limited Edition 500". A guitar pick shaped hologram has within it a Hard Rock Cafe logo, the names of various Hard Rock locations and the words 'Certified Authentic'. The year of production is not given anywhere on the pin.

The pin was on retail sale on 3 February 2020 price £11.95.

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