Beach Bomb Too

2003 HWC Super Chromes

The Volkswagen Beach Bomb Too is a Hot Wheels Original Design. This was NOT a re-tool from the Original Volkswagen Beach Bomb released in 1969. There was a new tool and die made for this casting. Although modeled after the now famous RLBB (Rear-Loading Beach  Bomb), they are night and day away from being the same.

The original car is a Volkswagen Transporter or type 2 (T2)  bulit in Germany, Brazil and Mexico . The Volkswagen Beach Bomb and the Beach Bomb Too looks near the real model, but the Hot Wheels does not have the VW-Logo in the front.

The first run of the Beach Bomb 2 #14 was advertised as being purple, but the paint turned out to ba a pink hue due to an error in the paint process. (is this a fact?)

The casting tool for the Beach Bomb Too was modified for this Super Chromes release, which features chrome-plated body and chassis, original Redline era style five-spoke wheels, bent-axle suspension, and removable surfboards on the sides.