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Beatles Lyric Guitar 10 of 12 - Penny Lane

Part of the Beatles Lyric Guitar Series, sold exclusively in the Online Rock Shop. Each pin is a vertical acoustic guitar body featuring lyrics from a famous Beatles song and images that match the lyrics.

Penny Lane pin is a tribute to the hit song of the same name, released by the Beatles in 1967. Paul McCartney is the primary writer of the song, which is formally credited to McCartney and John Lennon. The lyrics describe people and scenes from a street in Liverpool, England, where the Beatles grew up.

Pin includes several references to the song lyrics:

  1. At center is a red fire engine, the meticulous fireman's "clean machine." Fire truck is a profile facing left.
  2. At right center is a red and blue barber pole topped with a yellow globe. In the song, the barbershop is the focus of the first and last verses.
  3. At bottom left is a bearded banker in a black bowler hat and a yellow and green striped suit. He is facing right, as if headed to the barbershop "for a trim."
  4. At lower right is a "portrait of the Queen," Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom. Only the left half of the portrait is visible. Behind the Queen is the red, white and blue flag of the United Kingdom, also known as the Union Jack.
  5. At top of pin are "blue suburban skies."

Also shown, at upper right, is a red building with a blue roof and a red chimney. This represents a typical multi-story brick building on Penny Lane, like the one that housed the barbershop. At bottom center is a round road sign, like the one posted in front of the barbershop. Sign on pin is orange with a yellow rectangle at center.

Song title is near top of pin in two rows of capital letters, with "Penny" in blue and "Lane" underneath in green. Year (2020) is at top center of pin in gold numerals on a red banner. Hard Rock Cafe logo is at bottom center.

Back of pin says "Limited Edition 200."

Base material: Gold appearance

Style: Painted

Back print: 4 lines

Back pattern: Hard Rock Cafe logos and crossed guitars

Distribution method: Online

Release date: October 14, 2020

Original retail price: 18 USD

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