Caesar's Palace

At the heart of the Las Vegas strip, Caesar’s Palace beckons you into a land of fantasy with bustling card tables, jingling coins and dazzling lights. Now you can experience the pulse-quickening excitement of casino gambling in your own home with Caesar’s Palace for the NES! Play: Blackjack – Dealer slides you two cards. They total 16. Do you play the odds, stand or take a hit? Video Poker – Select your wager – your cards are revealed. Discard and draw, but be careful not to throw away any potential winning hand. It’s as much a game of skill as of chance. Slot Machines – Try to coax a jackpot out of the Fountains of Fortune, The Riches of Rome or The Magnificent Sevens. Roulette – Place your bets, spin the wheel and watch the ball roll over the slots – into your number? Round and round it goes – where it falls, nobody knows. The Big Six – find out once and for all if Lady Luck is on your side when you spin Caesars Big Six Money Wheel. Once you’ve experienced a taste of casino gaming, you’ll never want to leave Caesar’s Palace!
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