Special limited edition celebrating the 40th anniversary of the Ami 8. Comes in a large, sturdy fliptop cardboard box, shaped like the rear end of the car.

The model is mounted on a cardboard base with a female figure standing next to it. A golden plate is mounted at the front of the box interior with the text "Citroën Ami 8 Edition Limitée xxxx/1200" (where xxxx is the individual number of the car out of the 1200 made)

A white, neutral outer cardboard box protects the main box during transportation and storage. The box is completely blank except for a sticker with barcode, ref# and the text "Coffret 40 ans Citroën Ami 8 avec figurine" - also the individual number in handwriting. This outer protection box is very rarely present with models offered for sale, probably because the main box is so attractive and unique, that shop owners wanted to display it.

The color is NOT gold or goldenrod, but that's the closest match found in HobbyDB's color options. The actual color could probably best be described as mustard with a greenish tint.