City Amp

Part of the global City Amp Series. Each pin is a 3D amplifier framed in antique silver, with a local scene on a colorful background at center and iconic local images at bottom left and right.

Vienna pin features a city skyline with townhall and the "Riesenrad" and two flying birds on an orange background. At bottom left is a violine. At bottom right is a opera glass. Location name is at top of amp in yellow capital letters. Hard Rock Cafe logo is centered below location name in black.

Year (2020) appears in text box on back of pin. Back of pin says "Limited Edition 300."

Sold on a black and gray backing card that looks like an amplifier. At bottom of card, in silver capital letters, are the words "Global City Amp Series."

Base material: Antique silver appearance

Style: Painted

Back print: 5 lines

Back pattern: Hard Rock Cafe logos and diagonal guitars

Distribution method: Retail

Release date: Oktober 18, 2020

Original retail price: € 16,95 

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