The Death Star

2019 Star Wars Commemorative Series

Hot Wheels Death Star is an exclusive toy that can only be built by purchasing the 9 different star ships in the series. The base and stand can only be found in item one of the series (Naboo Starfighter). Each subsequent item in the series will have an additional peice availalble to build the full Death Star.

The following is what can be found packaged with the Starships found in this commemorative series:

  • Toy # FTT82 - Naboo Fighter - Base and Display Stand (FYT81)
  • Toy # FTT83 - Republic Attack Gunships - Assembly Piece 2 (FYT82)
  • Toy # FTT84 - ETA-2 Jedi Star Fighter - Assembly Piece 3 (FYT82)
  • Toy # FTT85 - Tie Fighter Darth Vader - Assembly Piece 4 (FYT82-Q, 703-01)
  • Toy # FTT86 - Slave I Bobba Fett - Assembly Piece 5 (FYT82)

The final four pieces of this Death Star will be found in the Fall of 2019 with the final four Starships in the Commemorative series.