Released with Lishe (Alice) to depict Alice in Wonderland's The White Rabbit. EL is the LTF verson of the older MiniFee and Luts' Delf Version, which can also be ordered though Fairyland or LUTS.

Fullset includes:

  • Open eyed faceplate with default face up.
  • Boy body and #2 Hands
  • Sleeping faceplate
  • Option #4 Hands
  • Outfit: Gentle Rabbit 
  • Random Wig and 14mm acylic eyes
  • Metal Plate (only avaible with some of the first LTF)


  • Normal or Beautiful White Skin
  • Face up on Sleeping Face plate

Very cute little set, no longer avalible. EL is still avalible as basic boy set or in the A La Carte System. Tan skin only avalible durring certain order periods.