Fantasy Fest - Cult Classics & Cartoon Chaos

Fantasy Fest 2022.  Girl with pink hair wearing a blue dress, blue earings, red shoes, playing a hot pink guitar that reads Fantasy Fest.  Next to her is an amplifier that reads 2022 with a hurricane drink glass on top.  Hard Rock Cafe logo with city name on the front of the amp.

This years theme is "Cult Classics & Cartoon Chaos"

Fantasy Fest is an annual 10-day party in paradise for grown-ups. Started in 1979 by a small group of Key West locals, the party was created to bring visitors to the island in what was a typically quiet, but beautiful season. It worked. Fantasy Fest has grown every year since its inception and is now the wildest extravaganza around!  October 21-30, 2022

Back of pin says "Limited Edition"

Base material: Silver appearance 

Paint style: Painted

Back print: 4 lines

Back pattern: Hard Rock Cafe logos and diagonal guitars

Distribution method: Retail 

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