Get Air Snowboarder

Man on red snowboard getting some air in front of snow-covered mountain and light blue vertical guitar. Snowboarder wears red jacket and hat, black pants, light blue goggles, and brown scarf, gloves and boots. He is making a rock-and-roll gesture with his right hand as he jumps and shows the bottom of his board. Behind him is green mountain with white snowcap and three white trees. Behind mountain are guitar headstock and neck in pale blue. Hard Rock Cafe logo is at top of neck with no city name. City name appears vertically in gold in all capital letters on bottom of snowboard, beneath a tiny gold Hard Rock logo. Back of pin says "Limited Edition 300." Released on 10/21/12. Original retail price: $12. Painted style. 5 lines print. Logo - Musical Theme - Guitars Drums Logos etc Pattern. This pin was sold through retail and/or online. Base Material is Gold Appearance
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