Gobbles the Turkey

Birthdate: November 27, 1996

Swing Tag Generations: 4, 5

Tush Tag Generations: 5, 6


Gobbles the Turkey loves to eat

Once a year she has a feast

I have a secretI'd like to divulge

If she eats too much her tummy will bulge!

Additional Information:

  • Gobbles was made with several different types of waddles, including single and double felt
  • Some have Chinese factory markings inside the tush tag

Known Oddities:

  • Gobbles missing one leg
  • Gobbles with tush tags: Dotty, Tuffy

Sports Promotions:

  • November 24, 1998- St. Louis Blues vs Nashville Predators- 7,500 given out
  • November 26, 1998- Phoenix Coyotes vs New Jersey Devils- 5,000 given out
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