Hi-Tail Hauler

Alternative Name: '56 Hi-Tail Hauler

2009 HWC Neo-Classics

Back in 1977, the Flying Colors segment was in its fourth year, and Larry Wood hadn't even hit his ten-year anniversary with Mattel. But the future Mr. Hot Wheels created an instant classic for the line with the original version of the Hi-Tail Hauler, and in 2009 HWC paid homage to Larry's design with the first-ever HWC Series Eight Neo-Classics Hi-Tail Hauler!

This timeless tailgater has only been released a handful of times, the last being back in 1987. While the 2009 version marks a highly-anticipated reentry into the Hot Wheels lineup, this time it rolls on Neo-Classics wheels! Wicked red flames on the hood and roof, gorgeous Spectraflame red finish, and a pair of smokin' black motorcycles in the bed bring this retro design into the modern world.
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