Home Alone

Marketing description from Lego.

Home Alone movie has become associated with Christmas.  This phenomenal idea was created for LEGO Ideas submission and was quickly voted on by fans (over 10,000 votes).

This is an extensive build with 3,955 pieces.  The box contains 31 bags (1-24 plus small bags) and a detailed instruction manual.  There are also 37 stickers for various pieces that reference items and scenes from Home Alone.

This set recreates different moments from the movie and includes the tree house with zip line, Harry and Marv's 1986 Dodge Ram plumbing van and of course the McCallister house, which opens up at the front to show off and explore the rooms.

Set includes 5 minifigures with alternate faces and accessories:

  1. Kevin McCallister
  2. Kate McCallister (mom)
  3. Harry
  4. Marv
  5. Old Man Marley
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