John Lennon Imagine Winged Guitar (Clone)

Winged guitar charity clone featuring "Imagine There’s No Hunger" message and John Lennon replica signature. Pin is a vertical red two-string guitar with a cream scratchplate and dark purple wings. At center of pin, in lowercase cream letters, is the word "Imagine." Beneath that, in smaller red capital letters, are the words "There’s No Hunger." Beneath that, in red, is the Lennon signature. Hard Rock Cafe logo is at top of guitar neck with location name in white on a black semicircle.

Backing card explains the WhyHunger "Imagine There’s No Hunger" global campaign and says purchase of this pin will help fight child hunger and poverty worldwide. Campaign inspirations are Lennon (1940-1980) and his 1971 hit song "Imagine," which encourages listeners to envision a world of peace, without barriers or divisions.

Base material: Gold appearance

Style: Painted

Back print: 7 lines

Back pattern: Logo - Musical Theme - Guitars Drums Logos etc.

Distribution method: Retail

Release date: 2012

Original retail price: Unknown