Journey of the RV

Part of the Journey of the RV (Recreational Vehicle) Series, sold online or at selected locations in the United States. Each pin features a state, district or national map in green, with a location name across the front in large capital letters and a vintage recreational vehicle or bus in light blue. Design is 3D pin on pin, with RV as top layer and map with location name as bottom layer. Map includes major highways with unlabeled shield signs in white and/or red and blue.

Online pin features a map of the United States of America. Location name (USA) is centered on the map. The three letters combined contain an image of the American flag in red, white and blue. RV is at bottom left, driving off edge of pin from right to left. Hard Rock Cafe logo is at bottom right. Year (2019) appears in text box on back of pin. Back of pin says "Limited Edition 200."

Base material: Antique silver (blued/black) appearance

Paint style: Painted

Back print: 5 lines

Back pattern: Hard Rock logos and diagonal guitars

Distribution method: Online

Release date: June 13, 2019

Original retail price: $14 USD

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