Journey of the RV

Part of the Journey of the RV series. Sold online or at select retail locations in the United States. Each pin features a state, district, or national map in green with the location name across the front in large capital letters with local images and a vintage RV /bus in light blue. Design is 3D with the RV as the top layer and the map with its location name as the bottom layer. Map includes major highways with unlabeled shield signs in white and/or red and blue.                                                                                                                                     

The Philadelphia pin features a map of Pennsylvania. PHILADELPHIA is scrolled across the state in large bold letters containing a blue sky over the Philadelphia Metroploitan Museum of Art along with the Liberty Bell. The RV Is located right over the map where Philadelphia would be and the classic HRC logo is to the left of it. The year 2019 appears on the back of the pin in the textbox along with it stating it is a Limited Edition of 250. 

Style- Painted, Back Pattern- Logos, guitars, musical, Base Material- Antiqued (blackened) Silver, Back Print- 5 lines. The pin was released June 2019 and retailed for $14.00 USD.

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