Kazoo Panda Mystery Pin 06 of 12 - Bongo Drummer

Part of the Kazoo Panda Mystery Series, sold online and at selected cafes. Each pin is a black and white panda in a colorful costume, with a musical instrument or element. Together the 12 pins in the series represent the many activities and destinations of the globe-trotting Kazoo Panda Bear.

Pins were sold individually and randomly in mystery boxes. The twelfth pin, or chaser, is Limited Edition 500. The chaser quantity is lower than the unstated quantities of the other 11 pins, making the series harder to complete.

This pin is one of the 11 common pins in the series of 12. It features a panda wearing reggae clothing and holding a pair of bongo drums. The focal points of the outfit are a long shirt, or dashiki, and a slouch hat, both in alternating stripes of dark red, black, lime green and yellow. Panda also wears light yellow pants and sandals. Drums are gray on the sides and light yellow on the tops. On the side of each drum is the flag of the Netherlands in red, white and blue horizontal stripes.

Hard Rock logo is at bottom left. Brand name is in dark red letters, on a yellow circle with a lime green border.

Back of pin says "Limited Release" with no quantity. 

Base material: Gold appearance

Style: Painted

Back print: 4 lines

Back pattern: Hard Rock Cafe logos and perpendicular guitars

Distribution method: Retail (selected locations) and online

Release date: July 2019

Original retail price: $10.50 USD (USA locations and online), £8.95 (United Kingdom locations), €10.45 (European locations where euro is official currency), 80 DKK (Copenhagen)