King of FNAF Markiplier

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The king returns! At 5.1 inches tall Markiplier takes his rightful place as King of FNAF! Seated atop his well deserved throne, he’s posed with one hand pointing a finger outward playfully while the other rests on his cheek to prop his head up. His face is full of confidence with a big toothy grin which is only accentuated by his raised eyebrows peeking above his thick black rimmed glasses. He’s dressed in an effortless black long sleeve shirt and white pants, as to not take away from his regal bear pelt cloak which is held in place with a golden 'M' and moustache signet atop his chest. His outfit is completed with a golden belt, wrist cuffs and a five pointed crown. While his golden throne is elegantly sculpted with delicate fleurs on its ears and large orbs under the sturdy armrests, its seat is beautifully embellished with light pink upholstery. The exterior of his packaging shows mark triumphantly on his throne in the middle of the dimly lit pizzeria surrounded by dilapidated animatronics. While the interior replicates the pizzeria’s iconic dimly lit security room. The protective sleeve mimics the building’s grey speckled walls with colourful triangles and posters, while a silhouetted Mark stares menacingly from a dark doorway. This collectible ships in a matte, embossed, protective outer sleeve and a custom sized plastic protector for maximum protection during shipping.

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