Mile High Club – State Capitol

Pin is shaped like the body of a guitar. Colorado’s state capitol sits inside the body. The top of the capitol and dome is white (Colorado’s capitol dome is gold), the front of the capitol is grey and dark grey, the stairs are white. Behind the dome is a pink sky. Atop the dome is a USA flag and on the stairs are several people. The year, 2018 is at the bottom of stairs in silver. The Hard Rock Café logo is burgundy and black letters on yellow. A black banner with location and silver letters is at the bottom. On top of the logo is a depiction of the Colorado flag, blue.

Backing card states limited edition and the UPC Code states, ‘Mile High Club 18 Denver.’ Back pattern logos and guitars, 4LC, LE 350, measures 1.75” H X 1.5” W, and has the Hard Rock Pick Hologram (Certified Authentic).

Base material: Silver Appearance

Style: Painted

Back print: 4LC

Back pattern: Hard Rock Cafe logos and guitars

Distribution method: Retail/Online

Release date: 2018

Original retail price: $12.00