Freedom Day Double Neck Guitar

Horizontal double-neck guitar that resembles the flag of South Africa, with portrait of President Nelson Mandela at left. Pin celebrates Freedom Day, a national holiday observed annually on April 27. On that date in 1994, South Africa for the first time allowed all adults, regardless of race, to vote in a national election.

Flag covers the guitar body and is black, yellow, green, red, white and blue. Headstocks and necks are white. On top neck are the words "Freedom Day," and on bottom neck are the words "Johannesburg 1999," all in silver text. 

Pin has a non-standard Hard Rock Cafe logo because the cafe at the time was not licensed to use the classic Hard Rock logo. Logo is at top center of pin, with "Hard Rock" in green and "Cafe" in silver on a white circle with a yellow border.

Back of pin is individually numbered out of 1000.

Base material: Antique silver appearance

Style: Painted with clear epoxy coating

Back print: 3 lines

Back pattern: Mesh

Distribution method: Retail

Release date: 1999

Original retail price: Unknown

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3.5 (of 5)