New York Hotel Grand Opening Prototype

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Hard Rock Hotel New York grand opening prototype in silver base material, sold exclusively in the Online Rock Shop. Pin is 3D textured, featuring a red, black and silver marquee and a green and white vertical guitar with a headstock that resembles the torch of the Statue of Liberty.

Marquee runs across bottom of pin, forming an arc over a raised silver Hard Rock Hotel logo at bottom center. Background is red. Border is black with silver dots that represent lights. At top of marquee, in small silver numerals, is the year (2022). At center of marquee, in large black capital letters dotted and outlined in silver, is the location name "New York."

Rising from behind marquee at center of pin is a glittering green vertical guitar with a white scratchplate. Guitar head at top center is a glittering green torch with a silver flame. Guitar neck is black. Wrapped diagonally around neck is a white banner. On banner, in silver capital letters, are the words "Grand Opening."

Across center of pin, behind guitar, is a textured silver background with black triangles. Background resembles the iconic Art Deco crown of the nearby Chrysler Building.

Back of pin says "Limited Edition 25."

This prototype, which has silver base material and is Limited Edition 25, has a nearly identical retail version (#792317), which has gold base material and is Limited Edition 300. Both pins were sold only in the Online Rock Shop, not at Hard Rock Hotel New York. The grand opening pins sold in New York are different designs.

Base material: Silver appearance

Style: Painted

Back print: 4 lines

Back pattern: Hard Rock Cafe logos and crossed guitars

Distribution method: Online

Release date: May 6, 2022

Original retail price: 35 USD

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