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Pinktober Ribbon Guitar (Clone)

Pink and silver charity guitar clone to promote breast cancer awareness. Pin is a vertical guitar with a pink breast cancer ribbon as the body. Front half of ribbon is glittering pink. Back half is solid dark pink, covered with pink hearts, musical notes and other musical symbols. Headstock is dark pink. Year (2019) appears vertically on headstock in silver. Guitar neck is pink. Hard Rock Cafe logo is at the centre of the neck in silver and light pink. Location name, Piccadilly Circus, is at the bottom of the logo in black on white.

Back of pin says 'Limited Edition' but does not state a quantity. Back print is essentially four lines in an unusual format. Instead of the typical four rows in a rectangular text box, the words of the first three lines appear in a single curved line, at centre of the pin, in a text box shaped like a horseshoe. The fourth line has its own text box at bottom right. A guitar pick shaped hologram indicates its authenticity.

Sold on a glossy pink and matte white Pinktober backing card, featuring words of encouragement in pink script that form the shape of a heart. Back of card says that a portion of the retail price will be donated to the Hard Rock Heals Foundation to support breast cancer awareness.

Base  material: Silver appearance

Style: Painted.

Back print: four lines

Back pattern: Hard Rock Cafe logos and crossed guitars

Distribution method: Retail

Release date: September 2019

Original retail price: £13.95