Porsche 993 GT2

HWC Gulf Racing

The 993-generation GT2 was initially built in order to meet homologation requirements for motorsports. Because the cars were built to meet the GT2 class regulations, the road cars were named accordingly. The Porsche 993 GT2 featured widened plastic fenders and a larger rear wing with air scoops in the struts. The 993 GT2's original 3.6 L engine developed 424 hp; in 1998 it was upgraded to 444 hp. A total of only 57 road cars were built (seven of which were right-hand drive). The 993 GT2 has a top speed of 301 km/h (187 mph) and a 0-60 mph (100 km/h) time of 3.9 s. HWC's exclusive release of the Porsche 993 GT2 wears the popular HWC Gulf Racing deco as if they were made for each other.

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