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Amiga CD Deluxe Edition including Amiga Joker for Amiga 1200, Amiga 4000 and CD32. It also includes a Booklet with the Making-of.

Deluxe Edition Game that includes:

 An awesome looking Collector's DVD Box.
 A Pressed CD-ROM (CD32 Compatible).
 Amiga Jocker Reshoot Special Edition (16 pages).


 Fast and furious bullethell-experience.
 All assembler-coded for maximum flow.
 Smooth gameplay, no ingame-loading times.
 50 frames action, parallaxed visuals.
 Up to 120 32-pixel-wide DMA-sprites.
 7 interleaved bitplanes for 128 24-bit colors.
 Interleaved blitter objects.
 AKX-Musicplayer with Accelerating chiptune.

Feel the Music. Hunt the Highscore!

System Requirements:

• PAL Amiga 1200/4000 or CD32 console with joystick or joypad controller.
No RAM-expansion or Turbocard required.


• Code - Design by Amiga Joker Edition: Richard Löwenstein.
 Music: Adam Morton.
 Pixels: Kevin Saunders.

Copyright 2016. Richard Löwenstein.
Published by AMIworx Software.