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Rock Twister Guitar

This is a vertical guitar pin with a Hard Rock logo giving the location "Piccadilly Circus", in black letters on a white background, placed in the middle of the white neck. The headstock is red. The body is divided into six segments radiating from the centre with words indication certain actions and coloured red (Kiss), orange (Sign), yellow (XXX), green (Dance), blue (Drink) and purple (Eat). At the centre of the body is a white arrow on a pivot point with the word 'Action' on it. The arrow spins freely on its pivot. 

The back of the pin has a dark grey metallic appearance with a design of crossed vertical and horizontal guitars interspersed with Hard Rock logos. A four line text box has a first line reading 'Limited Edition 500'. A guitar shaped hologram has within it a Hard Rock logo, the names of various Hard Rock venues and the words 'Certified Authentic'.

The pin went on retail sale on 4 September 2020 price £11.95.

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