Save the Planet Wood Logo (Clone)

Save the Planet logo clone made of recycled wood. Pin is a Hard Rock Cafe logo, similar to a core Classic Logo, with a focus on environmental consciousness.

Base material is wood instead of the usual metal, with the logo artwork stamped on top. Round background is planet Earth in blue and green, with the brand name across the front in gray. Around the globe is a white outer ring. At top of ring are the words "Save the Planet," and at bottom is the location name, all in red capital letters.

Back of pin has one post instead of the usual two, says "Limited Edition," and does not state quantity.

Backing card says card is 100% recycled and says pin was produced using recycled materials from sustainably sourced wood.

Base material: Recycled wood

Style: Stamped

Back print: 4 lines

Back pattern: None

Distribution method: Retail

Release date: July 2019

Original retail price: 50 PLN