Sky Show Deora

2011 RLC Exclusive

Sky Show Deora was a vehicle released in 1970. This re-issued Deora was only available in the Sky Show race sets, along with the Sky Show Fleetside. Mattel retooled the 1968 casting of the Deora  for this release. The tonneau cover area had an orange ramp attached to it; the ramp extended out over the front of the roofline and hood, and held one of three different colored airplanes (blue, green and yellow all came with the set). The planes locked into a hole in the ramp under the tension provided by an elastic band at the front of the ramp. As the vehicle traveled down the track, the plane was released via a trigger on the ramp.
The Sky Show Deora was made only in Hong Kong and released only in Canada. It was actually released with the name Aero Launcher Deora, but is commonly referred to by collectors as the Sky Show Deora.
In 2011 Hot Wheels RLC presented the Sky Show Dodge Deora Concept on it's own. This re-release stays true to its roots in both design and deco. With only 2,500 released, this collector classic is sure to stand out on display.
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