Model of the Steam Powered Riverboat, Belle of Louisville. This riverboat is white with burgundy trim and a black hull. There are multiple windows; bottom windows are grey and dark grey; upper two levels of windows are gold outlines. The wheelhouse or bridge is two-stories high; each with a dark grey window. On each side of the wheelhouse are two guitar frets with headstock in burgundy with gold tuning knobs and strings. There is an American flag at the front of the boat in red, white, and blue. The Hard Rock Café logo is situated in the middle of the boat. Hard Rock letters are burgundy, and café is white. The location is below the logo in gold capital letters. Pincraft named on back as manufacturer, but no quantity specified. Pin measures approximately 1.0” H X 1.75” W

Base material: Gold Appearance

Style: Painted

Back print: 4LC

Back pattern: Hard Rock Cafe Logos

Distribution method: Retail May 25, 2004

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