The Batman The Ultimate Batmobile R/C

The BATMAN™ The Ultimate Batmobile™ from Hot Wheels R/C features epic remote-control performance with authentic details and movie-like sculpts for the adult collector and fan of the The BATMAN™ The Ultimate Batmobile™ franchise. This The BATMAN™ The Ultimate Batmobile™ model was designed for collectors who appreciate premium design and precision performance in replica vehicles. It boasts high-tech features such as light and sound effects and working suspension, as well as a diorama plinth that both Alfred and the Caped Crusader™ would appreciate for its authenticity. This is a must-have for fans of The Batman™ and distinguished R/C collectors.

Hot Wheels R/C The BATMAN™ The Ultimate Batmobile™ 1:10 Scale
Remote-control replica of the hero vehicle of The Batman™ franchise features a true-to-movie sculpt and deco that’s both sleek and stealth just like the Caped Crusader™ himself
1:10th scale replica is rear-wheel drive with a real, working suspension
Full-function remote control has a pistol-grip and wheel steering for maximum precision when driving
Water vapor and color-change LEDs provide an authentic rear-jet glow as The BATMAN™ The Ultimate Batmobile™ speeds into the darkness
Interior features three-dimensional lighted instrumentation, a steering wheel and shifter that moves as appropriate and full detailed seats for ultimate collectability
Removable 6 in Batman™ action figure comes seated in the driver’s seat and can be positioned to “drive” the vehicle as if moving the steering wheel and shifting gears
Comes with a plinth that’s straight out of the Batcave™, push the Bat-Signal™ to illuminate the monitors and initiate a fully scripted light show with additional visual and audio effects
Measures 5.3in (H) x 19.5in (L) x 9.6in (D)
The Hot Wheels R/C The BATMAN™ The Ultimate Batmobile™ was designed for the adult collector, who appreciates the fine detail, precision performance and excellent style of this licensed RC vehicle.

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