RLC Exclusive 2005 Hot Wheels Treasure Hunt Set (series XI)

RLC Exclusive 2005 Hot Wheels Treasure Hunt Set (series XI) with Special Certificate of Authenticity.
  • Being the 10th Anniversary of the Treasure Hunt's introduction (1995); Mattel added a 13 TH to this set; the VW Drag Bus.
  • This Treasure Hunt boxed set had factory flaws with the top cover. The cover was only held on by small sealing stickers and they generally came undone, mostly in the shipping process, but over time they would come loose. Becasue of this problem Mattel issued a special apology release, a flat black boneshaker with HotWheelsCollectors.com on the side. The bone shaker was also given to those who purchased the end of year boxed set of mainline releases. An image of the letter has been added to the photo section of this catalogue entry.
Set contains the following vehicles:
  • 1. Purple Passion (Satin Black)
  • 2. '67 Camaro (Red)
  • 3. '58 Corvette (White)
  • 4. 1957 Chevy (Matte Black)
  • 5. '56 Flashsider (Black/Gray)
  • 6. '34 3-Window (Matte Brown)
  • 7. Mustang Mach I (Metallic Blue)
  • 8. '67 Pontiac GTO (Metallic Blue)
  • 9. Rodger Dodger (Black/Red)
  • 10. Morris Cooper (Yellow)
  • 11. 1970 Plymouth Barracuda (Metallic Purple)
  • 12. Double Demon (Metallic Lime Green)
  • 13. Customized VW Drag Bus (Black)
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