Tudor Sports Classic Electric Football Game

Alternative Name: 1962 Model # 600
  • Larger 38" x21" playing field 
  • Light Green and Dark Green speckled "real grass field 
  • Field Graphics include yard lines every 5 yards and hash marks
  • Masonite playing surface mounted to metal frame with "isopad" technology. 
  • 34 3D "sculpt action" players with separate base. 
  • 6 color paint pallet and paint brush 
  • New design "TTQB" passer/kicker 
  • Metal lithographed "Grandstand" scoreboard. 

"Every fan is sure to get a great kick out of playing this game which featues 3-dimensional "Scupt-action" players - 34 of them. You can now set-up actual offensive and defensive formations with players who run, block, tackle, pass and kick as never before. A "Kicker-Passer" for each team actually kicks with his foot and passes with his arm! Inclused is a coloring set plus numbers, yardage, ball and down markers - even a 10-yard field chain for "close ones"! $16.00" - 1962 Tudor Rule Book    

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