VeeFriends UNO

Description from Mattel Creations website:

VeeFriends come to life in UNO form! Mattel Creations and VeeFriends introduce the UNO deck reimagined with VeeFriends’ signature characters. A first of its kind collaboration for the NFT community, the VeeFriends x UNO collab gives VeeFriends NFT collectors a chance to own a physical VeeFriends collectible…including - for the first time ever - a very special foil card! 

  • VeeFriends x UNO 
  • Signature VeeFriends characters are featured on the UNO cards, like Sweet Swan and Gary Bee 
  • Includes special rule card, “Wild Sharing Squirrel” - the next player must take a selfie of themselves and all the cards in their hand, then post it to social media with the hashtag #veefriendsuno 
  • Highly collectible special foil card randomly inserted in each deck; some foil cards are rarer than others with the “Gary Bee” foil card being the rarest of them all 
  • 17 total different foil cards to chase; these are collectible non-playable additions to the deck so don’t worry about using them to win the game! 
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