Vintage Oil - Boxed Set

Hot Wheels Premium 2020 - Vintage Oil Boxed Set

5 Vehicles Inside, Box Stampped P29A

  1. Haulin' Gas - "Lion Head Motor Oil" graphics on sides & rear. White roof panel. Detailed headlights, taillights, roof clearance lights & door handles. Chrome RR5SP wheels.
  2. '83 Chevy Silverado - "Gulf" logos on hood, doors & tailgate. "Good" on tailgate. Orange rockers. Detailed headlights & taillights. Chrome RRPRF wheels.
  3. '78 Dodge Little Red Express - "Shell" on doors & tailgate with Shell logo on doors. White tailgate trim. Red & white stripes on doors. Detailed headlights, taillights & fender badging. Chrome RRMAG wheels.
  4. '63 Studebaker Champ - "Valvoline" logo on doors & hood. Red & blue stripes on bedsides. "Studebaker" across tailgate. Detailed headlights & taillights. Chrome RRSteelie wheels.
  5. '38 Dodge Airflow - "Agip" graphics on sides & rear. Red pinstripes & black panels on sides. Detailed headlights, taillights & front & rear roof clearance lights. Chrome RRSteelie wheels.
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