Volkswagen Drag Bus

Alternative Name: VW Drag Bus

as released

How to tell the difference between real and reproduction.

  • The original card has very faint Blue lines, intersecting and crossing each other,  which cannot be reproduced.
  • The back of the card is White
  • Top left of the card shows White 'For Mattel Employees' lettering on Blue background, which is not blurred.
  • The side of the bus where it shows the Hot Wheels logo in between the Green stripe.  You can clearly read Mattel.  And you can read the copyright circle with an R in the center.  On copies you can not.
  • The Mattel red dot is right in between the green stripe.
  • The tampo (painted stamp) is raised away from the White background.  Reproductions would have a printed decal.
  • The Santa Claus face is clear and not blacked out due to being blurred.
  • The Hot Wheels logo on the side is Yellow with Red background.
  • Original package has outer blister and internal blister to keep bus from moving around.
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