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Printed 08 December 2023

Marvel Munny Zipper Pulls Series 2 (Blind Box)

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Marvel Munny Zipper Pulls Series 2 (Blind Box)
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Current Owner: blindboxes
Current Owner: blindboxes
Each factory sealed display case contains 20 sealed blind boxes from the series. Each super vinyl zipper pull is blind packed and ready to rip, clip, and zip into action. Keep one with you at all times – you never know when you need a little hero. Each zipper pull is sold individually. The Munny design by Kidrobot may be a familiar one; the shape is often sold by Kidrobot as a blank for do-it-yourself artists. Collect all 10 Marvel Munny Zipper Pulls Scarlet Spider Punisher Hulk War Machine Cyclops Silver Surfer Carnage Wolverine Magento Thanos

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Current Owner: blindboxes