Kidrobot, Mad Balls Keychains, Blind Box (4 Pack)

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Four Boxes! Kidrobot Mad Balls Keychain Series, blind box (1.5″ tall)

Yuck! Gross for one! Gross for all! Mad Balls collaborates with Kidrobot to bring a new keychain series featuring classic Mad Balls characters from the popular 80s toy series. Hook em up to your keys or your bag or backpack!

This series features 16 classic Madballs characters from the popular 80s toy series. This makes the perfect sick accessory for any set of keys! They also work as a zipper pull to add a gross out air to any backpack, purse or jacket! Collect them all and have freaky fun for everyone! Includes one (1) random blind boxed Madball keychain.

Kidrobot Mad Balls Keychains / Figures and Odds
Skull Face – 2/24
Wolf Breath – 2/24
Slobulus – 2/24
Bruise Brother – 1/24
Lock Lips – 2/24
Freaky Fullback – 2/24
Bash Brain – 1/24
Aarg – 1/24
Horn Head – 2/24
Snake Bait – 3/48
Dust Brain – 2/24
Fist Face – 1/24
Oculus Orbus – 2/24
Screamin’ Meamie – 1/24
Swine Sucker – 1/24
Oculous Orbus GID – 1/48

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