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Avtolegendy SSSR (Auto Legends USSR)


АВТО ЛЕГЕНДЫ СССР = Avtolegendy SSSR = Auto Legends USSR



АВТО ЛЕГЕНДЫ СССР = Avtolegendy SSSR = Auto Legends USSR


Collection of 150 models, later spawning the smaller Auto Legends USSR Best series (51 models)

Some of the cars are exactly the same as in the smaller series, even down to the colors and issue numbers, while others differ slightly.

Quality control could be better, but overall the models are nice to look at and will fit well into any collection of classic russian cars. Packaging consists of a blister top glued to a black cardboard base. When models are exactly the same in both series, the only way to tell them apart (besides the often omitted leaflets) is by the very small writing on the cardboard bases, stating the series name. There are no proper display bases.

The collection was available in most former Warsaw pact countries, distributed by DeAgostini. Models made by Ixo, and some of them are also available in Ixo's own IST range with improved detailing and full display boxes.