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My love for collecting began in the 80's with Garbadge Pail Kids. My GPK collection "which I still have to this day," introduced me to the wo rld of collectibles. I fell in love with what I guess is the artwork that goes into collectibles. I don't have one certain thing that I collect. I go through stages and will collect certain things for a period of time and hold onto them. I've always taken really good care of my collectibles. At 6 year old I was already placing my Garbadge Pail Kids in plastic display sleeves. Mostly I collect action figures, statues, models, busts, bobble heads, mini figures, puppets and trading cards of generas I love. I really like horror movie characters, movie monsters/creatures , 80s pop culture, video game characters and other collectibles that I think look cool. Even if I don't know what it is or where it's from if I think something looks cool it's usually always a huge collectible item. Some brands I like are NECA, Sideshow Collectibles, Mezco, Funko, Mattel, Booty Babe Art, Lego, Hasbro and MEGA. My collection of horror movies, monsters, film characters, fantasy art, erotic art, kid cartoons, adult cartoons, movie memoriblla and basicly anything that's visually neat has really grown. These items have become more than just a collection of things I love. Up untill this year collecting was just collecting. Lately it has begun to evolve into something different all together. Within the past year I've become a Database Contributor for hobbydb.com with the Pop Price Guide "PPG". Doing this has opened new doors for me with collectibles such as learning to network my collection for sharing/trading/buying/selling. This has led me even futher. I now can be doing what I love to do as my work. I have always loved collecting and just being around collectibles. I have found great Love, Respect and Acceptance for the child that is myself . Because of his love and strength for me I can have this life now. Thank You BOMBER.
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