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Tommi Volvo Fisker
Who is Tommi Volvo Fisker. Name : Tommi Fisker One of Denmark's largest Volvo model car collectors / If not the largest.. I live in Denmar k, and since I got my driver's license in 1983, my interest in Volvo has been there and I have always driven Volvo, I have collected 1/1 Volvo veterans and had many of them, but in 2016/2017 I had to sell them when I was disabled 8 blood clots and a nerve injury in my back. Have always collected Volvo things (Pin, caps, etc.) and Volvo models, but in 2016 it really took off as I had to spend time on something and not spend my time in front of the television. I collect all kinds of Volvo model cars, I build Volvo models, I run a Danish Volvo collector group on Facebook. https://www.facebook.com/groups/349797865530587 So Volvo is half my life. Volvo 4 life.
Member since: 18 April 2022