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Vintage The Evolution Of Rock T-Shirt

Mens vintage "The Evolution Of Rock" heavy cotton T-Shirt .T-Shirt is gray on the front with a circle in orange and yellow, "Hard Rock" in white color, Cafe under "Hard Rock" and "San Juan" in black letters.  It's crew and short sleeves. 

On the back, a big guitar in dark state gray, brown and white with neck in light gray. On the neck of the guitar, a circle in orange and yellow with "Hard Rock Cafe" on top of the circle. At the bottom of the guitar reads, "The Evolution of Rock" and 2000.



Taino hieroglyphics in sandy brown representing a man, to the top right is the moon in pale green and to the top left is the sun in sandy brown.  Leaves falling down in pale green colors. The words "Hope" top of the T-Shirt, "Trust" on the right, "Love" on the left side, and "The Matchbox Twenty Foundation" at  bottom.




. T-shirt is a 


ouvenir Graphic crew neck, short sleeve. On the back,  a brown guitar with scenes, a vijigante mask, a coqui frog, a sentinel house, a palm and orchids. Left top right, "San Juan" in red letters and the background a palm in black. 

Hard Rock Cafe logo in the center of the brown guitar.  Front of t-shirt has the HRC logo and San Juan. Left sleeve has HRC.