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Model Pack Rat

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The embosser model trucks 9e92ec8d fd94 4608 92c2 3753edda0e9b medium
The Embosser
Super van model trucks adcc35c3 c6e4 4470 a80e b7e4b3f34399 medium
Super Van
Cool one model trucks 2c71379b 802b 4e47 8392 9d199c72efd1 medium
Total disposal model trucks a4b9dfe4 7dc1 4b84 87db 52cb8836f008 medium
Total Disposal
Cool one model trucks e5fa0a0f abc5 4db0 b280 76c74cc3f35d medium
Chevy silverado model trucks 6fb6ca10 5922 49d5 9e94 4e7b70838af5 medium
Chevy Silverado
Humvee model trucks 60d2fa7c da5c 4a4f 8bff d39868132e99 medium
'52 Chevy
  • Brand: Hot Wheels
  • Scale: 1/64
  • Reference #: Collector # 244/250, Toy # CFJ21