Clockwork Orange

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Back in 2012, Funko had plans to produce a full line of Clockwork Orange Pops!. Since paying exorbitant amount of money for licenses wasn't as feasible of an option as it is today, they frequently used a company named Radio Days to help skirt licensing & copyright laws. Due to the licensing complication, Clockwork Orange's parent company took a very threatening approach with these Pops! and ordered Funko to destroy them or face legal action. Brian (CEO) decided to destroy all but 24 of them (12 Chase & 12 non-Chase). He hand signed and numbered each of these. Funko were never able to sell these pieces directly, so the non-Chases were given to friends (mainly members of the Funko Funatic forum). The Chases were given to Gemini Collectibles in early 2013 (and sold by them for $350).
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