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Clockwork Orange (Glow in the Dark)

Subvariant title: Glow In The Dark
2 Variants  | 1 Autographed

Back in 2012, Funko had plans to produce a full line of Clockwork Orange Pops!. Since paying large amount of money for licenses wasn't as feasible of an option as it is today, they frequently used a company named Radio Days to help licensing & copyright laws. Clockwork Orange's parent company took a very threatening approach with these Pops! and ordered Funko to destroy them or face legal action. Brian Mariotti, the then CEO decided to destroy all but 24 of them (12 Chase & 12 non-Chase). He hand-signed and numbered each of these. As Funko would never able to sell these pieces directly, the non-Chases were given to friends (mainly members of the Funko Funatic forum) and the Chases were given to Gemini Collectibles in early 2013 (and sold by them for $350).

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