DC Primal Age

Exclusive to Target

Comic Book based on the Funko Toy Line

This special one-shot custom comic book builds out the mythos behind the quirky action figures and playsets from Funko. The 100-page DC Primal Age comic has a main story plus five short features that expand upon the He-Man-esque sword and sorcery design of the toys. It’s a tough world with barbarian evil lurking at every turn! The 32-page main story focuses on Wonder Woman, Superman and Aquaman trying to save Themyscira from being sunk by the Joker and King Shark. Additional stories focus on the individual characters.

Cover Artist: Jon Bogdanove

Jerry Ordway (Artist), Louise Simonson (Author), Scott Koblish (Contributor), Brent Anderson (Contributor), Keith Pollard (Contributor), Marv Wolfman (Illustrator)

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